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Airmar P66 W/lowrance Blue Connector 50/200 D/s/t

Airmar P66 W/lowrance Blue Connector 50/200 D/s/t

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Airmar?s P66 is the best performing and most popular transom-mount, TRIDUCER® Multisensor in the market. Because of its hydrodynamic shape, water coming off the transom flows smoothly under the transducer face. This results in accurate, high-speed, depth and speed readings and clear display images. The plastic release bracket lets the P66 rotate up to protect the housing if struck by an object while underway.

Frequency: 50/200 kHz
Cone: 45 / 11
RMS Power: 600 W

  • Transom-Mount, Plastic Housing
  • Depth, speed, and temperature
  • Maximum Depth Range:
    • 50 kHz? 235 m to 353 m (800? to 1,200?)
    • 200 kHz?118 m to 206 m (400? to 700?)
  • Boat Size: 5 m to 8 m (18? to 25?)
  • Best performing transom-mount
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