The Only Vessel Attitude Control SystemTM

Throw everything you know about transom-mounted systems away. We drastically changed the boating industry once, and we’re doing it again. Seakeeper RideTM eliminates up to 70% of underway pitch and roll providing comfort, control, and confidence.

It’s intuitive. It’s automatic. It’s transformational.
Just turn the key and get ready for One Hell of a RideTM.


Rapid Actuation

Rotary blades deploy at a rate of up to 300 mm per second, making 100 adjustments every second; enabled by power-dense rotary design that requires just 7-10 Amps for operation.

Full Underway Control

Controls all motions (pitch, roll, yaw) thanks to deployment speed and proprietary control software and hardware.


Predicts motion and responds instantaneously to eliminate them before they’re felt with no buttons to push nor adjustments to make, providing a boating experience you never imagined.


Drivetrain is completely sealed in a dry and greased environment with no mechanical exposure to saltwater.

Simple Installation

Easily installed on most transoms, both in new and aftermarket boats. Boat Gear USA installation services are required for all product purchases.

RIDE 450

Seakeeper Ride 450 provides a wide range of smaller vessels, 19-26 feet in length, with absolute pitch and roll stability. You don’t need a big boat to see big results.

For Boats up to 26 ft

Blade Size 450 mm (~18 in.)

Power Draw 12V 7-8A @ Cruising Speed

Retail Price $4,500

RIDE 525

For those boats that aren’t too big, aren’t too small, but are just right. Seakeeper Ride 525 gives boats 27-30 feet the perfect lifting forces to stop the effects of underway pitch and roll.

For Boats 27 – 30 ft

Blade Size 525 mm (~21 in.)

Power Draw 12V 7-8A @ Cruising Speed

Retail Price $7,500

RIDE 600

Letting pitch and roll ruin your time on the water is so last year. Seakeeper Ride 600 has enough power to level your 31-35-foot vessel.

For Boats 31 – 35 ft

Blade Size 600 mm (~24 in.)

Power Draw 12V 7-8A @ Cruising Speed

Retail Price $10,500

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