Powerful Anti-Fouling Protection Sized for Your Needs

The Hull Shield system is a “must have” for everyone who has their boat in the water. Our systems are cost-effective units that prevent bio-fouling from attaching to your hull. Less haul-outs saves valuable time and money.

Fully automatic protection for your hull and stern gear sized to your needs. We have engineered a range pf versatile anti-fouling systems which can be used as stand-alone units or combined for extended protection on larger vessels. Single systems can complement boats up to 48 feet. Systems can also be combined to increase coverage and  protection for vessels up to 200+ feet in length. 

How Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling Works

Hull Shield ultrasonic systems work by emitting pulses of low power signals. These signals are transmitted directly to the hull through transducers attached within the bilge. Antifouling transducers are similar to the transducers you already have installed for sonar & depth finding equipment. In fact, ultrasonic antifouling was first discovered by the US Navy when it was observed that no fouling occurred within a distance of sonar domes found on submarine and ship hulls.

Since that discovery, specific frequencies have been determined to disrupt the growth of marine fouling. For example, barnacle attachment is deterred by frequencies between 20KHz – 25KHz, while the cellular structure and reproductive cycle of algae is disrupted with frequencies between 40KHz – 60KHz.

The Hull Shied system works by creating pulses targeting specific frequency bands to effectively reduce and stop marine fouling from attaching to your hull bottom while working in conjunction with a soft ablative bottom paint.

Hull Shield Partnership

Boat Gear USA is proud to be an authorized dealer and installer of Hull Shield, industry leader in ultrasonic anti-fouling technology solutions.

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